It all began with an idea.

Soy is a collective of highly skilled craftsmen, coming from coppersmithing, silversmithing, and goldsmithing backgrounds, who have been dedicated to giving the best product in the world since our founding in 2010.

Soy’s technique involves a carefully curated amalgamate from the ancestral techniques of Hindustan, Iran and the Ottoman Empire. As a matter of fact, our production facility could have existed as-is more than 4000 years ago, as all our production force in shaping the copper and silver is from pure human energy.

Our raw material – copper and silver - is sourced directly from the state refineries and both our copper and silver are 999‰ (per mil -or carats-) - the purest available on earth.

Our tooling is mostly handmade in-house to perfectly fit our own line of work.

The thicknesses we use for our different wares and series are ideally calculated for their respective sizes, volumes and amount of energy they intake and are among the thickest in the world.

As an example, the typical thicknesses we use in copper and silver are:

  • 1.5 mm for the majority of the coffeeware and barware,

  • 2.0 mm for most of the regional and specialty cookware

  • 2.5 / 3.0 mm for our professional super-duty cookware.

We can however craft anything from any thickness in custom settings and for our Soy Industrial Solutions® branch.

Our handles are also made in-house from Soyactite®, a patented alloy of bronze that we crafted and honed back in 2011 to be one of, if not the most refractory alloy of bronze out there.

The also patented “trident” shape of the handles confers additional refraction, making Soy among other copper cookware manufacturers whose handles stay cooler for longer.

Our riveting is performed by hand, conferring to the rivets a perfect and controlled expansion inside the rivet holes, that will guarantee a no-leak product.

All our larger products are stamped with a serial number that ensures originality and helps you take advantage of our Heritage Warranty.