HK Series Solid Copper Confectioner Pot

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Dear Soy customers,

Behold the ultimate confectionery tool!

The Soy HK-Class Confectioner Pots are thicker, harder and sturdier than their European counterparts, while possessing a more refined yet function-oriented design, patented by us.

You will truly enjoy making sweets and desserts, whether they be sugar-based or starch-based  with your Soy HK pot.

They also make a wonderful looking ice tub or punch bowl for your bar or events.

As many of our professional clientele will gladly tell you, they are ideally suited to the task, and outperform any competitor product on all levels, hands down.

Their design have especially been worked on to contain no dead angles and corners, to facilitate greatly mixing and scooping.

The current Soy Handles are of our own patented Sand-Cast Solid Bronze, painstakingly filed by hand by our artisans that come from Jeweler backgrounds, and will basically last a lifetime.

They are mounted on the main body with 6 rivets each made of Solid White Copper and are extremely sturdy, but easily removable by us if maintenance is needed.

The alloy of bronze we use (the Soyactite) was developed in-house in 2012, is highly unlike our Western-European counterparts, who mostly use a very conductive alloy of brass or aluminium bronze whereas ours remains a very hard and refractory alloy, that has 5 x the performance of cast iron.

Useful Capacities - (Not Max.):

HK30: 4 Liters

HK35: 6 Liters

HK40: 15 Liters

-If you want a custom name engraving (by hand, not exceeding 20 character),  please add 'Engraving' item to your cart.

Lifetime "Heritage" warranty for non-professional use, please see conditions on our website.


Do NOT use this product to cook any savory dishes as it is made, as the name says, only with Unlined Solid Copper. Only use it to make sweets and confectionery.

Lid not included.

  • * Do not use your Soy in the microwave, copper & silver are metals after all!
  • * Do not use metal utensils or scratch your Soy as it will remove the platingHand-wash your Soy and do not put in the diswasher.
  • * Use mild dishwashing soap and do not use metal sponges or the green side of the sponge
  • * Given the nature of the metal, both copper and silver will change color and tarnish as they get used & upon contact with air, water, and acidic ingredients.
  • * This is totally normal and doesn't affect cooking properties.
  • * They are still safe to use and there is no health risks.
  • * If you want to get them back to their original state, just rub your Soy with a lemon sliced in half, covered with table salt or baking soda.
  • * Rinse it with warm water, dry it and voila!
  • * As with cart-iron skillets, a light coating of oil before storing protects it over time.
  • * This method works on both copper and silver.
  • * You can also clean your Soy with ashes (cigarette ash, fireplace ash, etc.).You can also always use food-safe silver polish.
  • * We recommend brands like Hagerty or Goddard's.
  • * Please watch our video on how to clean your Soy products: