Soy designs and handcrafts what every self-respecting kitchen, cafe and bar deserves in copperware. In Soy Türkiye, we produce exquisite products for the highly demanding culinary industry, speciality coffee, mixology and bartending branches of the hospitality sector and do not hesitate to share our experience with the home user.

Soy G, our solid silver line, meets luxury with high function in every item weather it be the perfectly conductive frying pan or the forever shining shaker. Solid silver cookware and barware, a more recent introduction to the culinary arts, is our area of expertise.

Soy uses only the purest quality fine copper and silver harvested domestically in Turkey sourced from responsible providers.

Our team of artisans cutting, spinning, forging, hammering, machining and polishing each item by hand have decades upon decades of experience between them.