About SOY

Our company is the first worldwide professional-grade copper brand from the country that has undisputably the best copper workmanship of the whole World, Turkey.

While desiging our products, our objective was on one hand to project to you with the perfect visual and the perfect ergonomy our passion for food and cooking, and on the other hand, to ensure a nearly endless durability, even after year of sturdy professional usage or a lifelong of reckless home use.

Our aim is for the handmade Turkish copper to enter your kitchen in the quickest and most efficient way.

Emir Ali Enç

CEO / Founder

Emir Enç is the son of career diplomat parents and had set his course to follow them with this vocation and join the Turkish Foreign Service after his university studies.

Growing up the son of diplomats, Emir was fortunate to be exposed to a comprehensive education of history, culture and language.

He speaks Turkish, English, French, Greek, Arabic as well as Persian, While mastering Latin, Middle-Persian and Ottoman Turkish.

While studying for the Foreign Service Officer Test from his family house in Istanbul, Emir would offset the work with his greatest hobby and passion: cooking.

The Enç family kitchen is well-equipped with copper cookware, mostly with classic pots and pans from the Ottoman Empire and Persia.

From his parents, he was well-versed in the rich history of copper cookware manufacture from the region, particularly that of the Ottoman Empire and what is now Turkey, Syria, and the Balkans. It is in this very region, and that of Iran and Hindustan, that the tradition of copper cookware manufacture has its greatest achievement, a practiced knowledge dating back hand-to-hand master to apprentice for more than 4,500 years.