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The engraving on the Cezves are done on the handles, and on the body for other products.

We use Rotary-etching for our usual cookware and Diamon hand-etching for our Solid Silvers. 

The engravings are made by jewelers from Istanbul, who are the best engravers in the world.

Please send an e-mail to for the engraving content, not exceeding 20 characters (including the spaces between words)

  • * Do not use your Soy in the microwave, copper & silver are metals after all!
  • * Do not use metal utensils or scratch your Soy as it will remove the platingHand-wash your Soy and do not put in the diswasher.
  • * Use mild dishwashing soap and do not use metal sponges or the green side of the sponge
  • * Given the nature of the metal, both copper and silver will change color and tarnish as they get used & upon contact with air, water, and acidic ingredients.
  • * This is totally normal and doesn't affect cooking properties.
  • * They are still safe to use and there is no health risks.
  • * If you want to get them back to their original state, just rub your Soy with a lemon sliced in half, covered with table salt or baking soda.
  • * Rinse it with warm water, dry it and voila!
  • * As with cart-iron skillets, a light coating of oil before storing protects it over time.
  • * This method works on both copper and silver.
  • * You can also clean your Soy with ashes (cigarette ash, fireplace ash, etc.).You can also always use food-safe silver polish.
  • * We recommend brands like Hagerty or Goddard's.
  • * Please watch our video on how to clean your Soy products: