Why copper

Silver, closely followed by Copper, are by far the best thermal conductors among all metals in the Universe as we know it.

We can however craft anything from any thickness in custom settings and for our Soy Industrial Solutions® branch.

On Conductivity and Cooking:
What it entails for cookware is that the heat coming from the heat source will not heat the cookware locally (from where the fire hits, typically a spot in the bottom) but wherever the heat source hits the silver / copper product from will not matter as the heat will travel all over the cookware including the walls and the lid to radiate the heat inside just like an oven would do it.

Practically that means that if the copper and silver are thick enough, no hot-spots can ever form on copper and silver cookware items, even on top of the highest BTU’s of industrial stoves, meaning the pan / pot will be naturally non-stick.

Detailed Statistics
It also means that your cookware does not have to be round anymore as the thermal distribution is ideal, you cookware can come in any shape and still cook perfectly, like our signature fish kettles who are almost rectangular.

The absence of hot-spots due to perfect heat distribution will also come much in handy when cooking very sensible material that would burn rather quickly (finely chopped vegetables, rice dishes or butter for example) as one will not have to constantly stir, since all parts will be cooked equally – as opposed to inside a steel pan /pot, if not stirred heavily, one part will burn while another part will stay uncooked.

The perfectly even heat distribution all around the cooking utensil granted by silver and copper will make an enormous difference on your cooking; so that your rice will never burn and stick, your sauces and stews will never remain without consistency, your egg whites will rise in a matter of seconds, melting chocolate or making Turkish Delight at home will be a piece of cake and the flavor of your dairy desserts will praised by everyone.

Why soy

Soy is a collective of highly skilled craftsmen, lead and guided by our founder Emir Ali Enç, we will stop at nothing to give to the world the best in what is cookware, coffeeware, pastryware and barware.

SOY does not stand with the idea of “handmade” just because of romantic principles, but because making and finishing copper and silver by hand clearly increases the product quality.

Soy’s Techniqueg:
Our handles are also made in-house from Soyactite®, a patented alloy of bronze that we came up with back in 2011, that is one of the, (if not the) most refractory alloys of bronze known to man. The also patented “trident” shape of the pan-handles confers additional refraction, making Soy among other copper cookware manufacturers the one whose handles stay cool the longest amount of time.

Our riveting is also totally done by hand, conferring to the rivets a perfect and controlled expansion inside the rivet holes, that will guarantee a no-leak product, unlike machine riveting which, since it is not controlled and happens in one single push, may lead to a leaky product. All our larger products are stamped with a serial number that allows us to track them forever and make sure of their originality.

Be assured that whatever you will acquire from Soy will be the best in its domain on this world, as Soy stands exactly for that precise point.

Quality & Warranties

Our products are designed and handcrafted not only for you, but also for all the generations coming after you. Relying on that, we do guarantee you a full product change on any problem you would encounter with any of our products, regardless of the timeframe, with our timeless-ever-covering warranty, the “Heritage Warranty”.

The Lifetime Customer Care:
As we at Soy are also amateur chefs as well as craftspeople, we wanted to, on our foundation back in 2010, to bring to the world what we ideally wanted as potential customers from a cookware manufacturer about the after-sales-service, so our customers could get the best use of their pans without worrying about anything. Hence, we put forward our all-inclusive free-of-charge lifetime customer programs care for all our professional and solid silver lines, in order to service, polish and replate indefinitely any Soy product, also including our professional customers.