Solid Silver | SOY G

As Silver is the most heat-conducting metal, SOY G is the ideal piece of cookware. Our silver-plated copper cookware being a close second.

SOY G consists entirely of heavy-gauge 2.0 to 2.5mm - 999 Carat Pure Silver. They outperform our Pro Silver Plated Copper Frying Pans by 17% on heat conductivity. SOY G is perfectly resistant to corrosion and oxydation.

All our Solid Silver pieces come with a State-approved purity certificate certifying the 99,9% purity of the product.

The Silver Body

It is entirely made by hand to order. Everything starts from 2.5 mm solid silver sheets rolled from pure silver ingots, cast by Soy. The form will then be given entirely by hammer and mallet, until the ideal shape is reached.

Soy is one of the only companies in the world with the know-how to manufacture pure solid silver coookware, coffeeware and barware. We want to stress here that our solid silver cookware is made entirely of Pure (99.9%) silver as opposed to Sterling, which is 92.5%. 

Another point to be stressed is that our entire Soy collection is at your disposal in Solid Silver, from the smallest shot glass to the largest stockpot. 

SOY G cookware is the Marine-spec cookware you were longing for, designed from the start to be used on yachts and oceanfront homes or any other humid environment with a saline content in the weather. Its 999 Carat silver composition never tarnish and oxidize under such conditions, unlike, copper, sterling silver or any alloy of steel.

One of the most important advantages of owning and using SOY G Cookware is that it will be a perennial investment to your kitchen and household, not only as a piece of indestructible cookware, but also, due its sheer pure silver weight, it will always hold an important commodity value, immediately convertible into liquidity if needed.

The handle, much like all Soy products, is cast from our own patented alloy of bronze the Soytunç; but with a significant twist. They are bathed to gain a 15µ Copper Plating, that gives them a distinctive pinkish hue, unique to us in the Industry. Soy handles have superior refractive qualities that keep it cold and touchable when the pan is on blazing fire. Mounted on the pan using Pure Silver rivets.

Every Soy Solid Silver product comes with a complimentary diamond-etched hand engraving, made by master artisans of the Istanbul Grand Bazar.

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