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Media Appearances

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The Özrevolver

Soy Türkiye | youtube

Meet (and try / fail to make at home) the mighty ÖzRevolver, an amazingly solid and balanced coffee cocktail created by the expert hands of Nisan Ağca and Burak Ayaz.

Turkish Coffee Making - Pro

Soy Türkiye | youtube

The perfect way to make Turkish Coffee, with froth and all, featuring the award winning barista Turgay Yildizli.

The Making of a GNT26 Solid Silver Pan

SoyTurkiye | youtube

A Soy GNT26 Pan has been ordered, and the Soy Team in Istanbul crafts it from scratch for our customer.

MUNCHIES Presents: Interview with a REAL Pot Dealer

Munchies | youtube

As the owner of Soy—the only Turkish company making copper and silver pots and pans completely by hand

Handmade Copper Pots in Grand Bazaar

Culinary Backstreets | youtube

From a workshop in the Grand Bazaar, Soy Türkiye painstakingly produces gorgeous, world-class copper cookware by hand.